Reasons Why Your E-commerce Store Needs a Mobile App Right Away

Are you looking for effective ways to boost up your online sales? Has it been long you have received a good amount of accolades from your competitors? Well, there is a potent way you can top up your client base and give your business a significant spur. A simple mobile app for your store can provide you with everything you want. Especially, with e-commerce mobile app design changing the way online businesses are inching towards customers nowadays, it would actually be an act of stupidity if you don’t embrace the drift. As a wise online business owner, it should be your prime accountability to cater to the all-inclusive requirements of your customers and genuinely speaking, there cannot be a better way than m-commerce nowadays.

It’s been quite a few years, the number of users shopping on mobile devices has experienced a steep rise, So, don’t you think it’s high time when you should make the most out of it, thereby giving your store the much-needed boost? Yes, in today’s scenario, neglecting the growing ratio of smartphone usage and the dynamic e-commerce activities would definitely not be a smart act from your end. Also, the current scenario has almost foretold the fact that the time is not so far away when mobile devices will outrun desktop devices as the main medium of online shopping. Thus, taking recourse to e-commerce app development is something you should cling to right away!

Now, you, the readers, would definitely want to know why customers are more attracted towards mobile devices than that of laptops and desktops. What exactly the difference is between shopping experience on a desktop site and a mobile site. Well, following are the reasons why you should consider having an m-commerce app for your store.

    • The preference towards mobile apps is not astonishing at all. The superiority of mobile apps over browsers mainly lies in the convenience experienced through the former gizmo. Also, in case, one is just scuttling through an online store for off-visit, not exclusively for shopping purpose, e-commerce applications can be a perfect go. Yes, one can now just  avoid the complicated steps of remembering an URL and login address to access things.
      • Also, the fact that apps provide better security than browsers makes customers feel free to download your application on their phones. And, once downloaded, one would naturally end up showing a great level of interest towards your brand. Researches say that when mobile site visitors have a tendency to spend more time in mobile apps than on mobile sites. So, do you really see any point to let the chance just go? Definitely not!!
        • One of the main reasons why most of the users tend to leave a mobile site because it takes more time to load than what an app takes. Applications are always able to retrieve data faster, as there is always a significant amount of less data transmitted between a server and a mobile app than between a server and a mobile browser. Also, by embracing certain methods like personalization, push notifications, rewards system, exclusive content, advanced support etc, you can try to increase customer loyalty which, in turn, would steer you towards client retention.
          • It’s quite obvious that the way you present your store to your customers can make or break your image. Easy navigation is something almost every user remains in search of. Unnecessary distractions will always make your customers decamp your store faster than ever. Mobile applications always come with enhanced UX, thereby drawing more clients towards your store.
            • Last but not the least; there is no doubt in the fact that the combination of satisfying user experience and simple navigation leads to more sales. With mobile applications giving users the desired round of experience, there always remains a chance for you to experience an increased conversion rate- something which you always craved for.

So, if you are on the lookout for such venture that would be your best cohort in this regard, OnDemandTec can be your one-stop solution. We take pride in offering an array of exclusive on demand app solutions that are meant to cook for the real-time needs of the end users. Nowadays, when e-commerce application development has almost taken over the market, OnDemandTec takes pleasure in coming up with such solutions that are extremely beneficial for the immediate solutions of the users. Today’s tech-savvy individuals are quite driven towards on demand service apps; we, at OnDemandTec, take the best opportunity of the same and rack up high profits in the manner. When it comes to contacting us, we are quite flexible, as you can reach us 24/7 and we will be glad to serve you the best.


Tips to be successful by developing Uber like App Solution

This blog is dedicated entirely to established startups and entrepreneurs who are interested to create an Uber like app solution. So, we have elaborated the three important case study, from which you can learn from moving apps like dolly, Lugg and uber for app development.

We all know the success of big companies like Uber, Airbnb, Ola and lyft. Moreover, the model is the same when it compares to classifications of the company that is on demand. The market leaders have already set the standards, and every startup wants to replicate the business models because of their robust solutions to customer’s points and effective strategies.

There are numerous tech companies which identity as “Uber for X” or “Uber of X”. Likewise, we have seen Uber for beauty, Uber for weed which certainly means “convenience” for everyone.

Uber for Moving:-

Talking about Uber for moving, then two startup companies came into mind, i.e. Lugg with the funded amount of $3.9 million and Dolly with the funded amount of $9.7million, which serve for on-demand services nearby homes or apartments.

Significantly, moving apps can be known as Uber for moving stuff and Uber for furniture, and both of the moving apps are from the United States of America and have already gained the respective marketplace.

Let’s discuss Lugg and Dolly:-


Started in 2014, it is San Francisco based company in the Bay area, usually known as ‘Uber for moving stuff’. It is the on-demand platform, which helps people by clicking just one button and can request the services through create an app like uber for moving things. Lugg is performing well on Google play store as an OnDemand moving app. It connects the truck delivers and movers very fastly.


An application like an on-demand moving app, Dolly based on Seattle which is Uber for furniture and other items which request truck and helper through a mobile app.

It helps the user to keep large items down the roof for vehicles and moving things no matter it is big or small. The user got the features to request the truck and muscles from the app which help them moving the furniture from apartment to storage units, move big purchased items and stuff within the apartments.

Let’s discuss the important lessons which startups and entrepreneurs can learn from Lugg and Dolly before developing the app like Uber for moving.

3 Important Lessons to Learn from Lug & Dolly before Developing a Successful App like Uber for Moving:-

      1. Providing best solutions to Users:-“Approximately 15 billion US Dollars was among the categories in the on-demand economy, which saw the growth between 2015 to 2017”, According to the report from Statist. To develop an app like Uber for furniture and other bulk items, it is very necessary to develop a unique application for the users so that the problems that they face at the time of moving should be resolved. Some of the problems that are faced by the users are like moving the furniture items and the stuff of moving.

It is very much crucial to research about the pain points of the customers and to give the solution of those problems that will make you unique in the sense. A business model, which is OnDemand solutions based will help in adding the value to customers. However, the efficient solutions can save money, time and day of customers at the time of moving. As a moving startup, to fix the problems and challenges of the user you need to provide unique solutions to them.

      1. A unique solution for Moving Stuff:-This app is only useful when the users can feel it better than other services providers. Thus, it is crucial to offer the unique solutions to users as their need related to move the furniture and other items as per their convenience. The users usually try to opt for those services in which a complete package of the services is being offered by the app. An app that can be considered as an ideal mobile app like Uber which are enriched with the features like in-app messaging, payment gateway integration, online support, the cross-platform ability that create the difference in services.

To develop the best app like Uber for moving, it is very essential to provide advanced scheduling with the moving services. However it can include small moves, donation pick up and drop off, apartment moves, labor moves, storage moves and junk removals.

Being an established startup, you have to work on including these services at the time of development of apps like Lugg and Dolly. And do not forget to add the solution which provides safety, and are user-friendly along with convenient.

      1. Providing customers with more ease comfortable and affordable moving:-As an established startup, it is very crucial to offer the services which are convenient and are feature rich in an app, which can ease their task of moving. While talking about the OnDemand solution, it must reflect the comfort and convenient. If convenience and affordability got a miss from the app, then the people will be less interested in your services of the app. So if you are looking to enter into this industry and looking for the app to create like Lugg or dolly, then crucial and essential lesson all about is to provide the consumers with a comfort rich feature and affordable services for moving, which can ease the task of consumer giving seamless experience.

Are you ready to initiate the idea and turn it in Successful App?

As we discussed and went through the lessons defining the success of Lugg and Dolly which you can read as a case paper for startup. As the on-demand economy is growing and there are various opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop their business based on Uber for Moving.

Moreover, as an established startup, if you pursue an idea of app development like Uber for moving, then you can even cross us as we are giant as a taxi booking app development company having a robust experience of 60+ successful projects for Uber-like an app.

In case, if you have confusion or query then get in touch with us from our contact form. One of our sales representatives will assist you within 24 hours.

How On Demand Apps Have Created a Buzz in the Industry

Gearing up to perk up your business yet more? Be it a mid-scale venture or a big-scale one, every business needs unique solutions to cater to the all-inclusive requirements of the target customers. So, sticking to conventional methods to generate revenues is no more a smart solution. The increasing competition everywhere requires you to cling onto some smart yet effective strategies. On demand app solutions will definitely be a perfect tincture in this regard. Apart from helping you in increasing sales, it would also make you create a strong buzz in the industry. In an era, when customers have hardly any time to reach out to you, don’t you think it would really be wise on your part to make their task easy? For increasing your sales, there cannot be a better option other than this! And, perhaps this is one of the main reasons why on demand app services have created a drone out everywhere.

Especially, with the volume of internet surfing increasing to a significant extent and the number of smartphone users scuttling through a considerable surge, the use of on demand apps has naturally piled up yet more.

Researches say that on demand app development solutions have been adopted by more than 80% business owners and with such well-customized mobile apps on board, the efficiency of such solutions is always nonpareil in nature. So, if you have still not caught the drift, don’t you think it’s the right time for you to adopt the technology? Nevertheless, you should be mindful enough to incorporate the right features and stamp out the vulnerable ones, so that you can make your customers enjoy a highly-extensible mobile application. This is how these apps will surely heighten your profit margin and add value to your business.

The major benefits of adhering to on demand apps are as follows-

  • In an era when smartphone users have initiated their presence almost everywhere, not adding mobile marketing to your existing business strategy would be the most foolish act on your part. Can there be a better way to bring your customers back to you frequently than providing the users with customized features?
  • Customer satisfaction is always the most important factor to consider and one of the most effective ways you can ensure the same is by adhering to on demand app development solutions. Apart from helping you attain a perfect ROI, this smart step of your would also make you increase your productivity.
  • Don’t you think it would give you immense business opportunities? Getting a whole database of users containing their e-mail addresses, contact numbers and personal preferences is definitely a big thing. It always gives you the chance to market your products directly to your potential customers.
  • At the same time, it’s quite obvious that the confidentiality of business data would be highly important to anyone. The custom features of an on demand app would definitely provide your clients with the required security facets to keep their data safe and sound.
  • On demand service apps have almost changed the way businesses operate nowadays. When the emergence of such applications have thrown a challenge to the competitive market, its first-rate technological breakthrough has also transformed the sloth industries to a significant extent. From grocery and laundry to beauty and food industries, the advent of on demand mobile app has left a direct impact on almost every segment. When the existing infrastructure of the industries has been highly perked up with this new technology, it has also given birth to several strategies leading to improved business practices.

So, if you are on the lookout for such venture that would provide you with the best on demand app solutions, OnDemandTec can be a perfect solution in this regard. The on demand app developers in our company are highly trained and deliver such solutions that are meant to serve an array of industries, thereby catering to the real time needs of the customers. Making the best use of top-end ERP software and B2B e-commerce, we make sure all our clients are able to provide the end customers with exclusive shopping experience. You can connect to us any time you want and we will be glad enough to come to your aid.


Features You Should Include in a Travel App

Thinking of building a travel app that would give you a huge round of success in the long run? Well, in an era when travel business has made a significant stand in the market, business owners are seeking for exclusive ways to attract new customers, why don’t you become a savior to them? As a wise mobile application developer, why don’t you help them with converting their potential customers into regular clients? A travel app is actually going to be a great solution to this. So, how to make a travel app? How exactly it’s going to benefit you? And, what are the features you should emphasize on while working on the application? Take a deep breath, as this blog is going to answer all of these questions.

The functionalities of a travel app are not limited to a single slice. It can be a travel agency or can simply be a hotel business. However, a travel app should always offer comprehensive services to the clients, so that they are satisfied with the services. The app you build should not always provide the business owners with an increased profit; rather, it should work as a support for their business.

Travel apps always make the experience of the customers easier. So, for them trying to give a boost to their travel business, mobile travel app development can really be a great help, as it will create several new prospects for their existing business. So, before you create an app, why don’t you think of yourself as a tourist either? It will help you come up with the best ideas, thereby catering to the exact requirements of the travellers. So, this is how it should go-

    • Yes, planning your trip on the first go is something you should come up with initially. Here, a trip planner will help you in more than one way. This is where one can store his tickets, schedules, destinations, contacts, etc. TripIt and Google Trips can be cited as the best examples for the same.
    • So, now when one is done with the planning, he/she needs to book a place to stay. Isn’t it? Thus, you should definitely create a room in the app where one can find and book the most comfortable and suitable hotel, holiday home or apartment. Although there is a number of business giants in this sphere, still the best part is that they also provide their APIs for free. So, here, in this context, all you need is a map with geo-enabled location and some hotel booking API like Orbitz to complete the process.
    • Then, it’s about transportation. One can definitely not think about proceeding a single step without booking a ticket on flight, train or bus. Again, there are lots of players in this segment who have already ruled the parade. And, with almost every transportation company having its own app, your clients might feel an inclination to opt for renowned brands only due to their better understanding of the transportation system. Here, you should introduce something that will help your app stand tall among its competitors. You can also inherit something new and try to apply the same in your application. Putting a map with geolocation feature would always help the customers with visual presentation. At last, you should definitely try such feature that will provide the end customers with easy booking of transportation.
    • Travelers would always love to get the best reviews and feedback. So, would you really not want to come up with something that will engage more customers towards your app? Definitely, yes… right? It’s applicable not only for the places to stay but also for the places that one would like to visit and for the services he/she is going to use. TripAdvisor can be the best instance in this regard. Try to add a feature like this. Also, try to provide your rating content via API for free.
    • Researches say that weather conditions always happen to affect the plans while travelling. Thus, weather apps are always a great solution for the business owners as well as the travellers. Your development team can use one of free open source API`s to fuse this feature in the mobile app.
    • Last but not the least; the travel app you are building should always be user-friendly. This is one of the most effective ways you can attract more eyes towards the same.

OnDemandTec excels in building an array of on demand apps that cater to the real-time needs of the clients. So, if you are in search for any help regarding travel application development, we are just a call away. Our expert professionals on board have the best round of expertise in this domain and they would just love to come to your instant aid.

Find out the Best Ideas for On Demand Food Delivery App Development

“I’m really confused about what to have in lunch!” This is kind of a familiar dilemma every other person happens to come across and also; it’s somewhat an occasion of almost every day. Are you an app developer on the lookout for building some unique app? Why don’t you opt for on-demand food ordering app for restaurants? When it gives you the chance to serve an array of food lovers with delicious foods, it would also create a perfect cleft for you to earn huge profit. People have different priorities, and when it comes to food, these preferences tend to vary yet more. So, being casual in this regard will never help you in any way. You have got to be wise enough to look for practical ideas for food ordering app development.

This blog is going to discuss quite a few exclusive ideas for the same and explain how they work.

Well, it’s no more the same way people used to order food earlier. There has literally been an enormous transformation. When today’s hectic schedule has made people opt for several readymade foods like salad, pasta, pizza, it has also made folks give more preference to restaurant foods than kinds of stuff cooked by themselves. So, why not make the best out of this fad?

Companies like Grub Hub and Food Panda have now been able to reach the crest of success. Want to know why? Don’t you want to follow the same trail and flourish with the same tint? Well, they have just treaded on the heels of some basic formula and created a common podium for restaurants as well as customers. Yes, you are right; you just have to make easy for your customers. Make it the same way so that the users just have to cast around a restaurant and place the order. Once they bump into their favourite restaurant, they need to either pay online or opt for cash on delivery option. The delivery part is then looked after by the respective restaurant owner. In the process, while commissions are pre-determined, the eatery also happens to come to limelight through the application.

Building an order-focused app would always help you get driven on the right path. Such model works as a perfect mediator between customers and different local restaurants, providing ingress to various types of delicacies. However, the central motif of such application is to ease and smoothen customer support for the orders. Confused? Would like to know in detail how do these apps work? Hold on! At first, the customer has to get himself/herself registered into the application. Once done, he/she is permitted to check out all the required spectrums like reviews, price, menus and pin the order accordingly. After affirming the food order, the application rolls by the request to the relevant restaurant for it to get managed by the restaurant owner. The customer really doesn’t need to pay for any additional charges, as the application owner obtains a certain amount of fee for the orders and the price is usually paid by the restaurant.

Plumping for logistics focused app is again a good idea. It allows its customers to weigh up menus across various restaurants and order from an array of food varieties through a single mobile application. At the same time, offering logistics services to the restaurants you are in partnership with also makes vast sense, and nothing can do it better than logistic-focused food ordering app. Such applications have not only taken a significant endeavour to cater to the taste buds of million food lovers but have also set up massive prospect for the eateries that have never drop-shipped foods on their own. This is definitely a wise choice to grab more customers to your conferral.

Restaurants that are not into delivery service can actually reap several benefits out of this partnership. While these restaurants don’t have to take the extra burden of making payments to drivers and maintaining vehicles, they also don’t need to step into the intricacies of insurance policies. So, this way, they can focus on more significant things like perking up food quality, for the delivery part is entirely taken care of by the food ordering platforms.

So, what are you still wasting your time for? It’s time to stick fast to the above ideas and broaden the path for the much-coveted success.

OnDemandTec takes immense pride in coming up as a top-end restaurant app builder offering a bucket full of handy solutions for every mid-scale as well as large-scale venture in search of food ordering app development solutions. So, if you are also amongst them seeking for some individual help in this regard, OnDemandTec should be your one-stop solution. You can contact us any time you want, and our experienced professionals will be highly delighted to serve you in the best possible manner.

Make Your On Demand Food Delivery App a Grand Success- Read on!

If a survey is conducted to research on the popular applications that mostly fill up a regular user’s smartphone screen, one can expect to see at least two or three online food delivery applications occupying their home screen. Since smartphones rule the show, the existence of some on-demand service provider application is bound to be the primary one to get priority installation. Having a food delivery application often comes handy in most critical situations. So, if you are all set to build an on demand app for food delivery, this blog post is going to come to your instant aid.

However, coming up with an on demand app development is not a cakewalk everytime. One should be mindful enough to adhere to the following steps in order to come out with flying colors.

  • On demand food delivery app development services will not work without following a proper format. By this, we mean that you must be good with your research about the location you can cover, orders that can be delivered in a day and the marketing strategy which is of paramount importance
  • Retention of customers should be a key job not only in the initial period but afterward also. When you endeavor to grow your business without remembering your ability, you have opportunities to lose the overarching clients. You don’t need to straight forwardly hop into the substantial market or plan to obtain new clients
  • Individuals use on request shipment administrations since they wish to have the desired benefits at their doorstep. Check constantly on the automated process of on demand food delivery app development services
  • A nearby report can enable you to know the general population’s necessity and what they are getting. Your point must be to fill this hole. This is an ideal approach to be particular with your administrations
  • You need to remain updated with the new food points in the market. Gather this whole information, dissect it, examine it, and further arrangement and execute your on-request shipment process

The entire process of developing and dropping a brand new service provider application is quite an intricate process and involves the participation of an entire team of dedicated developers as well as designers. Any top mobile application development company will agree that accomplishing such a task is not a day’s work and is advisable to shoulder the responsibility to a dedicated mobile developer hired for the purpose. Here is a list of few tricks that can work towards making the food delivery application a success.

  • It takes just a few seconds to create an impression to live up to the user’s expectations as they come looking for delicious options and order online. But if the application compels a visitor to invest more than a couple of seconds on your site, then you are on the verge of losing out a key customer. So, you should always be mindful enough to provide your customers with the desired experience
  • At the same time, saving customer database is a key to best serving a regular customer since they have expectations to get customized service each time they visit the application. They definitely not going to fill up preference and payment details each time they log in. The application must have a saved customer database to make life simple for them
  • You should always streamline the pickup or delivery process by maintaining a dedicated checkout line and delivery team to facilitate a smooth flow of services. The primary reason why customers prefer ordering online is to avoid long waiting times for bill payment. So, next time if a customer visits your outlet to pick up the ordered meal, make sure it is ready waiting for him. And if delivering food to their house make sure you do not make your customer for the endless time
  • An alluring appearance of the app is what that becomes a priority when it comes to engaging customers. Presentation of each item with the easy-to-navigate interface and work-of-art menu are few things that developers need to be careful of while designing such apps
  • Creating user-friendly and mobile-friendly website should be the first step taken towards launching a business and then the application enters the scene. Either it is a website or an application, it should always give an easy permit to the customers when they are traveling. Comfort and convenience are the two main aspects customers look for while navigating an application or else the user is likely to jump to a competitive site

OnDemandTec is a renowned provider of on demand app solutions, offering exclusive on demand service apps to cater to the real-time needs of the customers. So, if you are on the lookout for any help regarding the same, feel free to contact us anytime you want. Our expert specialists will come to your aid right away.

The Crux and Pith of On Demand Mobile App Development

It’s been more than a decade that on demand app services have been gaining popularity among consumers all over the world. Pioneered by a number of business giants like Uber, Postmates, and AirBnB, it is currently one of the most widely used business models, redefining customer experiences across a number of industries.
However, despite the difficulties Uber and other major companies have been facing lately, the on-demand business model remains extremely profitable. That is why understanding the benefits and opportunities that the on-demand economy can offer is becoming increasingly important for any business owner.

At the same time, building a successful on demand app takes a lot . One just cannot start building an app in a second and end in a minute. This blog is going to highlight the benefits, use cases and features of on-demand delivery apps. So, if you want to join the trend and adopt the on-demand delivery model for your business, then here are some things to consider.

The main function of is to match demand and supply in the fastest way possible. On demand app services offer a number of benefits for both businesses and customers. Namely, on demand service apps include the following aspects:

  • The line of on demand app services relies mostly on independent contractors using their own form of transportation. That is why a business owner doesn’t need to hire full-time couriers or take care of their logistics, unlike traditional delivery providers. Plus, a great percentage of people using on-demand apps report being able to save money on delivery.
  • Again, It usually takes maximum 24 hours to execute an order, depending on the type of service. Yet, the order placement takes just a few taps, so the process is easy and convenient for both the customer and the provider.
  • Mutual ratings and feedback provided by the customers and couriers allow for better visibility and trust-building. Moreover, as a business owner, you can also monitor the feedback and address the issues as soon as they arise.
  • From placing an order to making a payment or tracking the order in real time, on-demand delivery apps are made to be convenient and easy to use. From a business point of view, this allows you to set up a streamlined and efficient process by removing the additional layer of micro-management and connecting customers directly to couriers.

Mainly, there are two possible ways a business can apply an on-demand delivery model. You can make a partnership with a third-party on-demand delivery provider. You can join a partner program of an existing on-demand delivery app to offer the delivery of your product using their user base and platform. Thus, you will be able to cut the costs of setting up your own delivery program.

Also, you can build a dedicated app for your business purposes. If you own a flower shop or a pharmacy, you can offer on-demand deliveries to your customers using this app.
At the same time, irrespective of the specific model or segment these apps target, they share common business logic and a number of key elements. So, here are the must-have features of an on-demand delivery app. So, if you are all set to develop  on demand app solutions, you should definitely have a clear knowledge about the capabilities and core features of an on-demand delivery app.
Similar to any on-demand economy app, it takes three different products to develop a perfect delivery system. These include a customer-facing mobile app, an app for couriers, and a web dashboard for the administration. Now, if you are wondering how to enter the on demand delivery market and win over the potential users, this blog is again going to come to your finest aid.

While the on-demand delivery market is pretty versatile and includes a number of use cases, there are certain strategies that you should take into account. So, if you want to build an on-demand delivery app for your business, adhering to the following strategies will be the shrewdest decision on your part.

  • Opt for local customers primarily- It is easy to set up and manage the delivery process within a single location and later expand to more cities.
  • Try to promote your app as soon as you can- This will help you attract early adopters and beta-testers, as well as get noticed by potential investors.
  • Start with minimum investment at first- Just like a local product launch, building the first version of an app with limited functionality is a good way to test your product with minimum investment and to easily pivot if needed.
  • Provide on-the-spot support- Your customers should be able to get help instantly, otherwise this can lead to dire consequences (which is especially dangerous for a startup or a small business).
  • Frame up a contractor selection process- conduct regular screening to prevent stealing or poor service.
  • Introduce loyalty programs- It will engage and retain your users.

However, you would always need a reliable and skilled software development partner to attain your final goal. We, at OnDemandTec, specialize in building an array of on demand service apps which include cab booking app solution, transportation app solution, logistics app solution, fitness app solution, health & beauty app solution, employee tracking app solution, app for legal services solution etc.

Aspects to Follow While Developing an On-demand App

Trying to create an exemplar in the industry? Up with the vogue to come up with something unique that would help you stand tall before your competitors? Well, you have come to the right page then! On demand delivery services are now on the rise and have almost become a trendsetter. So, why wait to invest in the same? When it will give you much recognition, it will also help you attain just what you are looking for. So, what exactly an on-demand app is

Person to Person on-demand app development means creating an application where a person can demand a product from another person using the same platform.

Enterprise to Person on-demand delivery mobile app is the one where a person can demand a product/service from an enterprise. Various enterprises have developed their own app on downloading which, the users can place an order.

Enterprise to Enterprise on demand delivery software refers to an app through which an enterprise can get in touch with various other small enterprises to do business efficiently.

Following are the aspects you should adhere to while developing an on-demand app-

Check on the market domain-

Firstly, you need to know which segment of industry your on demand services will be associated to. The popular segments for making an on-demand delivery application are:-

Transportation, food, and drink delivery, home service, health & fitness solution, grocery service, travel booking service etc. Once you have decided which business domain you are going to target, give your best endeavor to come out with flying colors.

Give special emphasis on customer experience-

The second most important feature of an on-demand application is customer experience. The use of technology helps in improving the experience that the customers get from the application at each level. The application must have a transparent system of pricing communication as well as reviews. Tracking the progress of the service is an additional feature that is really useful as well.

Set your target audience-

To ensure the success of your mobile application, it is crucial that you have knowledge about your users- their age, needs, taste, and expectations. Besides this, you must be familiar with the market trends. According to our mobile app developers, having a target customer base allows you to cater their needs more effectively. Besides this, beginning with a local market is a profitable way of business.

Special stratagem for convenience-

People these days crave for convenience. They want faster, easier and effective services available to their doorstep via mobile apps. So, when you are thinking of building an On-demand delivery app, keep in mind how can you provide them a better experience.

Compatibility with tracking-

When the customers are provided with the facility to track their order/service provider online, they feel having some control over the procedure. They can view how much process is done or how much time will it take- which gives them assurance and build a loyalty relationship.

Good communication-

You can also provide a real-time chat functioning in your on-demand service apps. When the users will have the facility to communicate with the professionals within the app, they will find it easier to choose the right service provider. And hence, make the processing faster.

Good alliance-

In case of an E2E app, you have to form a partnership with providers and receivers agencies who interact with each other through your app platform. Whereas in case of P2P On-demand app development, you need to form a partnership with individual service providers and customers. You have to market your application to the end customers to prompt them for app installation. According to the app experts, on-demand app publishers take a share of every transaction made on the app platform. So, keep this into your consideration before creating the revenue model.

Kind of association-

Various companies hire their own service providers while the other work with the freelancers who work with their name. For example: Amazon hires ‘delivery providers’ operating in a given area to deliver the services/products to the customers. They outsource safety training, maintenance costs, and insurance by contracting with recognized delivery businesses. While companies like GrubHub and Seamless work with the freelancers. It is up to you which method seems to be favorable to you as per your target audience and budget.

However, developing an on-demand delivery app demands skills, knowledge, and experience. So, make it certain that you hire the right team of app developers who have already build such applications and can deliver you an application outshining the competition.

OnDemandTec offers an umbrella of on demand app development solutions to cater to the real-time needs of the end users. Right from providing advanced technology to doling out integrated software, the on demand mobile services from our venture would definitely help you reap a sturdy profit line.

School and College Management App- Why is It in Rise Nowadays?

Trying to create some exclusive app that would help you stand tall among your competitors? Why don’t you focus on school and college management app then? Well, now if you want to know about the nitty-gritty of the app, this blog post is going to help you in more than one way.

Well, the benefits of school management system serve everyone involved in the academic process: the administrators who oversees the school operations, teachers, students, staff, parents who anxiously awaits for the completed project and the staff which gets the processes up and running. School management software provides a set of tools that enable school administrators to smoothly run the institution and do so in a way that demonstrates efficiency, cost-savings and ingenuity.

Perks to management-

  • Effective communication between teachers, parents and students
  • Creation of school’s tech-savvy image
  • Complete automation of all operations
  • Centrally stored information with zero redundancy
  • Best possible resource optimization
  • Auto-generation of teachers timetable with dynamic substitute management

Perks to administration-

  • Easy performance monitoring of individual modules leading to uncomplicated error detection
  • Automated and quick report generation along with process turnaround time
  • Centralized data repository for trouble-free data access
  • Authenticated profile dependent access to data
  • User-friendly interface requiring minimal learning and IT skills
  • High-level data security
  • Design for unproblematic scalability
  • Elimination of people-dependent processes

Perks to parents-

  • Get connected to the school effectively and easily
  • Active participation in school Activities
  • Prior information about school events and holidays
  • Last but not the least; right from the time the child steps out of the house, till the time he gets back home..the entre activities are known by the parents. Can it ever be better than this?

Perks to teachers-

  • Automated student attendance
  • Computerized management of student examination marks and grades
  • Timetable creation in advance
  • Availability of more time for students
  • Efficient and effective interaction with parents
  • Access to a forum common to students and parents
  • Access to own and students’ attendance

Perks to students-

  • Enhanced interaction with teachers, parents, and peers
  • Access to attendance, timetable, marks, grades and examination schedule
  • Liberty to publish articles and views, and participate in discussion forums
  • Freedom to browse through library books catalog and identify the book(s) to be issued
  • Prior information about school events and holidays

At the same time, many colleges are now considering an implementation of ERP based college management software, which is a great advancement over the traditional systems. The first two things that concern the management are the cost and the option of customization. Undoubtedly, such software is priced at a large cost as it takes years to research and design such systemized platform. However, the benefits that are reaped from a college management software are vast in number, and the concerned college management will enjoy these benefits for over a huge period of time.

This helps colleges and universities to save time, money and resources. The College management software allows the folks to manage the entire academic and administrative processes in a hassle-free manner. The automated notification system allows you to seamlessly connect Teachers, Students, Administrators and Parents and keep them informed in real-time on all aspects of the institution.

  • The first thing the college management software does is to increase the overall functioning of the management. The various departments and modules become more aware about their responsibility as they are supposed to show remarkable performance.
  • All functions and departments of all colleges can be integrated under such system. This includes admissions, examination, payroll, accounts, canteen, stock and inventory, transport, hostel, etc. This reduces the need for separate accounting and management for each department.
  • Having a systemized way of maintaining accounts will ensure that all information and relevant facts are recorded on a predetermined platform. As such, the accounting will be much more transparent and result oriented than before.
  • When the tasks of employees and management are reduced, there will be an increase in employee satisfaction that will contribute towards improved productivity.
  • Last but not the least; as the accounting is transparent and systematically maintained, the audit and tax departments will have less issues and queries with the management.

So, what are you still contemplating over? It’s time to take your sleeves up and give a perfect boost to the creative giant within you!

OnDemandTec is a leading on demand solution provider, offering top-end ERP integration to an array of mid-scale as well as big-scale ventures. Presenting state-of-the-art experience to our business clients, we make sure all the on-demand solutions in our store are meant to cater to their all-inclusive requirements.


Why Investing in On Demand Apps Should be Your Prime Focus

Are you up with the vogue to create some unique app that would just create a ripple in the market? Well, considering on demand apps would perhaps be the shrewdest act on your part. The on-demand economy is here to take a significant stance and it’s definitely not a bubble. In an era when all your competitors are hell-bent on proving their excellence, doing something out-of-the-box can only help you stand tall. So, what do you think, shouldn’t you adopt the same before your competitors do? You can always consult a mobile app development company or reach out to industry experts in order to avail the best result.

Remember, all customers want in a product or service is flexibility, personalization, and responsiveness. Everything else can wait. You must satisfy all these desires to grow your on-demand business. Every business today wants to set sky as the limit and also wants some unique solutions to provide their customers with. On demand services or products is a perfect fit for your industry in an era where a customer is too busy to reach out to you and you have to stretch out to them, making their task easy.

On demand app development is nothing but the process of developing custom mobile apps on any platform like Android and iOS, which are used in providing on-demand services or products.

Let’s have a zippy look at some of the benefits and features of on demand app development that helps every individual do their services in an easier and effective way.

  • It provides an easy to use interface so that various business buyers can sign-up, log-in and use the features built for them
  • Let user order services within no time
  • Easy order tracking system and delivery management
  • Online Payment system with payment security

So, now you really want to delve into the concept of why you should opt for on demand app solutions you have come to the right page! This blog post is certainly going to come to your help in more than one way.

You would find a number of business owners and other startups who want to deliver their services through these on demand appsWhen these apps will surely add value to the business, they will also make the business more dynamic to generate more revenue. These on-demand apps also provide efficiency, employee satisfaction, security and scalability, Affordability, thereby offering unlimited access to various business opportunities. Isn’t it a win-win situation?

Whether its laundry solution, taxi needs, home service needs or any other need that is required at an emergency, an on demand app can truly be a boon to the same. With on-demand solutions on board, you can serve your customers 24/7. Especially, with the latest technology of on-demand services serving consumers with effective features, you should also ride through the drift and broaden your profit margin in the manner.

On demand service apps act like a mediator between customers and providers of different services. Instead of spending time and effort for receiving what they want, users tend to prefer to pay a small fee for a faster and convenient procedure offered by this type of apps. So, don’t you think, this is the best way how you can convert your potential customers into permanent ones?

The advent of different mobile apps has been a big booster for people as they can get every single information on their Smartphone just in a jiffy. So, why don’t you take the best opportunity of the same and give your competitors a tough competition right away?

The success stories of the Uber and many other similar apps have enabled young entrepreneurs to follow the same trail. Yes, the impact is this great! These applications have actually found an important stance in the lives of smartphone users. In fact, also, no one cannot ignore the fact that the on-demand apps are playing a pivotal role in setting new mobile app trends every year.

Moreover, the on-demand apps have been a great supporting tool for nurturing and flourishing the startup ventures as well. It can be related to any industry such as beauty and healthcare, car rentals and services, bakery and online food delivery, home decor and flower selling, etc. In fact, this list will continue to increase further as the time progresses.

At the same time, the service sector has grown up to become more competitive. It is because people don’t have to rush to the nearest clinic or hospital for getting a single appointment or visit a bakery shop for buying cakes or stand in the middle of the street to hire a cab! All these services can be availed at the tip of the fingers just in a frill of your eyelids.

Last but not the least; the rise in the service industry will also witness a sturdy growth of the on demand apps. Moreover, the numbers of smartphone and other advanced gadgets will boom and it is actually time for you to get into the groove and get an on-demand app that is related to your services.

At OnDemandTec, we have made the best use of our exclusive B2B e-commerce and ERP integration, thereby bringing forth an amazing shopping experience to our business customers. The tech-savvy individuals of today are quite crazy about on-demand service apps. When it has increased the volume of internet surfing through mobile devices, today’s smart users have also started getting quick responses to their service requests. Here, at OnDemandTec, we have come up with a wide range of on demand solutions that are surely going to be highly beneficial for the real-time needs of the users.