Tips to be successful by developing Uber like App Solution

This blog is dedicated entirely to established startups and entrepreneurs who are interested to create an Uber like app solution. So, we have elaborated the three important case study, from which you can learn from moving apps like dolly, Lugg and uber for app development.

We all know the success of big companies like Uber, Airbnb, Ola and lyft. Moreover, the model is the same when it compares to classifications of the company that is on demand. The market leaders have already set the standards, and every startup wants to replicate the business models because of their robust solutions to customer’s points and effective strategies.

There are numerous tech companies which identity as “Uber for X” or “Uber of X”. Likewise, we have seen Uber for beauty, Uber for weed which certainly means “convenience” for everyone.

Uber for Moving:-

Talking about Uber for moving, then two startup companies came into mind, i.e. Lugg with the funded amount of $3.9 million and Dolly with the funded amount of $9.7million, which serve for on-demand services nearby homes or apartments.

Significantly, moving apps can be known as Uber for moving stuff and Uber for furniture, and both of the moving apps are from the United States of America and have already gained the respective marketplace.

Let’s discuss Lugg and Dolly:-


Started in 2014, it is San Francisco based company in the Bay area, usually known as ‘Uber for moving stuff’. It is the on-demand platform, which helps people by clicking just one button and can request the services through create an app like uber for moving things. Lugg is performing well on Google play store as an OnDemand moving app. It connects the truck delivers and movers very fastly.


An application like an on-demand moving app, Dolly based on Seattle which is Uber for furniture and other items which request truck and helper through a mobile app.

It helps the user to keep large items down the roof for vehicles and moving things no matter it is big or small. The user got the features to request the truck and muscles from the app which help them moving the furniture from apartment to storage units, move big purchased items and stuff within the apartments.

Let’s discuss the important lessons which startups and entrepreneurs can learn from Lugg and Dolly before developing the app like Uber for moving.

3 Important Lessons to Learn from Lug & Dolly before Developing a Successful App like Uber for Moving:-

      1. Providing best solutions to Users:-“Approximately 15 billion US Dollars was among the categories in the on-demand economy, which saw the growth between 2015 to 2017”, According to the report from Statist. To develop an app like Uber for furniture and other bulk items, it is very necessary to develop a unique application for the users so that the problems that they face at the time of moving should be resolved. Some of the problems that are faced by the users are like moving the furniture items and the stuff of moving.

It is very much crucial to research about the pain points of the customers and to give the solution of those problems that will make you unique in the sense. A business model, which is OnDemand solutions based will help in adding the value to customers. However, the efficient solutions can save money, time and day of customers at the time of moving. As a moving startup, to fix the problems and challenges of the user you need to provide unique solutions to them.

      1. A unique solution for Moving Stuff:-This app is only useful when the users can feel it better than other services providers. Thus, it is crucial to offer the unique solutions to users as their need related to move the furniture and other items as per their convenience. The users usually try to opt for those services in which a complete package of the services is being offered by the app. An app that can be considered as an ideal mobile app like Uber which are enriched with the features like in-app messaging, payment gateway integration, online support, the cross-platform ability that create the difference in services.

To develop the best app like Uber for moving, it is very essential to provide advanced scheduling with the moving services. However it can include small moves, donation pick up and drop off, apartment moves, labor moves, storage moves and junk removals.

Being an established startup, you have to work on including these services at the time of development of apps like Lugg and Dolly. And do not forget to add the solution which provides safety, and are user-friendly along with convenient.

      1. Providing customers with more ease comfortable and affordable moving:-As an established startup, it is very crucial to offer the services which are convenient and are feature rich in an app, which can ease their task of moving. While talking about the OnDemand solution, it must reflect the comfort and convenient. If convenience and affordability got a miss from the app, then the people will be less interested in your services of the app. So if you are looking to enter into this industry and looking for the app to create like Lugg or dolly, then crucial and essential lesson all about is to provide the consumers with a comfort rich feature and affordable services for moving, which can ease the task of consumer giving seamless experience.

Are you ready to initiate the idea and turn it in Successful App?

As we discussed and went through the lessons defining the success of Lugg and Dolly which you can read as a case paper for startup. As the on-demand economy is growing and there are various opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop their business based on Uber for Moving.

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